2007  “CubeDesignStudio”workshop
2008   Lenovo mobile phone design worshop with Lenovo Co.;
2008   JDF 2007 workshop,Osaka;
2008   LITEON AWARD industrial design forum,Taipei;
2008   CHITA08 workshop with Politecnico di Milano;
2009   Éric Vandecasteele ’s  workshop “Tell Story”
2009   Nicolas Le’s “Please , have a seat” green design workshop
2009   ”CHAIR,NO CHAIR ” furniture design workshop with Tom Loeser

2010   “Unhidden Design” exhibited in National Fine Arts Exhibition in Shenzhen
2010   “The Shape of Temperature” lamp and “Bag Napkin” exhibited in Fat Art in Beijing
2010   “ MOON IN SHADOW” exhibited in MiLano Design Week
2010   “Xuanpaper Notebook” exhibited in 100% Design Shanghai 

2007   JDF2007 International Design Competition                                                                             Silver Prize
                                                                                                                   (Govenor of Osaka Prefecture Prize)
2008   LITEON AWARD                                                                                                                      Silver Prize
2009   Excellent Graduation Design
2010   National Fine Arts Exhibition                                                                                           Nominated Award
2010   Roche Bobois Design Award                                                                                          Nominated Award
2010   Pan Tianshou National Stationary Design Competition                                                         Copper  Prize
2010   DongGuan Ming Furniture Design Competition                                                                         Silver Prize
2010   The Rodo Young Design Prize 2010 100%Design Shanghai “DESIGN IN CHINA”         Excellent Award
2010    Best of Best of Red Dot